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The Eat an Extra Dessert Day Build Competition has come to a close. We had a bunch of great entries. All participants who show visible work on their competition plots will be eligible for the participation prize.

Grand Prize: Booyaah

2nd Place Finalist: Plasma and Vigil

3rd place Finalist: Kelvillar and Dumble

4th Place Finalist: Saghalie, Yerti, and Taria

A glance at the Winner:

Kismet Creamery

Booyaah's shop features a patio for dining, an out of the box shop with dozens of different products (although he only was credited for four) a garden path, and a factory floor open and labeled for tourists to see the products as they are produced.

More shots of the submissions can be found in the Kismet Gallery section under the appropriate heading ,or, check out the actual builds on the server and have yourself a sweet treat!

Prize winners should notify staff as soon as possible regarding their spawn egg choices.

Dumbledoreee This was a lovely event! I will be sure to join any future event!
BOOYAAH This was an awesome competition idea! I had a ton of fun with it. Thanks!
Saghalie ditto!

September 4th is Eat an Extra Dessert Day. So here at Kismet Servers, we thought we'd honor this unsung hero of a holiday by treating all the players with an event!

Players may compete to build and design a build that: grows, harvests, autocrafts and provides up to 4 dessert products in honor of this sweet holiday. You could build a doughnut shop, or your entire shop might BE a doughnut. Sugar Rush, CandyLand, Gingerbread houses, all possibilities, get creative, have fun!


  • Teams may consist of 1-4 players. You may only be part of 1 team.
  • Have a dessert theme to their build. (Sweets, dessert drinks, and Candies are also acceptable)
  • Must be self sustaining and produce all ingredients and power for their dessert within the build site.
  • The build should autocraft and sell up to 4 different dessert(s) (Only 4 will count toward the event)(Sweets, dessert drinks, and Candies are also acceptable)
  • Builds must be located in the Event world on the available plots.
  • As always builds must fit within the rules of Kismet Servers.

Builds will be judged on the following:

  • Creativity & Originality of the design.
  • Aesthetics: How nice the build is to look at, & how well the machines are incorporated or hidden.
  • Fullfillment: How well the build fits the event and its guidelines and whether it is truly self sustaining.
  • Efficiency:  How well it runs. If staff have to get involved to fix lag problems points will be lost, It should also not spew items, have large amounts of entities flowing around, or have spamming hoppers.
  • Products: How many product types are produced and how many ingredients go into them.


Everyone who submitted a build will be receiving the following participation prize:
5000 ingame money
1 seasonal queen bee.
1 Creative Modifier for Tinker's Construct

Finalist team members will recieve an additional:
10,000 ingame money reward each
2 Green Heart Canisters
5 spawn eggs

Overall Grand Prize team members will also recieve:
Grandprize of 40K each!

To clear up any confusion. Enjin's plugin on the Revelation server had a problem, and the plugin was down for a day or so. This resulted in the website displaying the server as offline. This was only a plugin issue, and should be completely resolved. Revelation has been up and running the whole time, despite the server tracker widget showing it offline. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

April was a rough month for us. Downtime and rollbacks were experienced across all our servers as Kismet Revelation found its solid footing. As a gift to the players who stuck with us through all the ups and downs last month, Kismet is offering a freebie package to all its Infinity players. This Survivor Package is available only for a limited time and features some neat perks, and some uncommon to rare items. Grab it while it is here, it will be gone by Monday!

Thank you to all our players. We believe the problems with Revelations should be under control now and the rollbacks and downtimes should be behind us.

Scheduled Downtime

t3ddybear_ aD posted Apr 26, 18

There will be a planned downtime scheduled tomorrow, Friday, at 6am. It is planned maintenance and will either reduce or completely remove the issue we've been having as of late with the need to rollback the servers. The downtime is only planned to go for an hour, but this may be either more or less but no more than two hours we are hoping.

We thank you all for your patience whilst we figure out whats happening, and we hope you still consider us your happy place :)

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